Humans in Healthcare #39: Beyond proof of concept

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Hi friend, Amy here, your authentically honest full-stop human, community builder, and creator of Humans in Healthcare, sharing the stories and experiences of healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

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After a short writing hiatus, I’m back in your inbox today sharing the journey I’ve been on for the past 3 months since the early launch of the Humans in Healthy Community. At 80 members strong, it’s beyond proof of concept and blossoming into a space of meaningful connection and belonging.

You don’t often understand what’s happening on the inside of the community unless you’re there, so I’d love to tell you a bit about what we’ve been up to and what’s on deck. Below are just highlights, there’s so much more value-packed inside:

Clinicians in transitions

  • We’ve been having regular office hours hosted by community members themselves to share their career transitions, and lessons learned, and provide practical tips for others getting started with support such as resume review, interview practice, and 1:1 and group chats to talk through the next steps.

  • We are gearing up to kick off a job seeker accountability group so no one has to search alone!

  • The job board curated for community members is very active with many connections being made to recruiters and others

  • A clinician recruiter in tech is hosting upcoming guest office hours to demystify resumes, interviewing, and hiring questions

  • What I love most is people showing up for each other. As I have often said, getting the job wasn’t necessarily the hardest part — it was the transition. It’s been so satisfying to watch how fellow community members are normalizing the highs and lows of transitions. It is exactly the space I didn’t have but desperately needed in my transition(s)

Clinician Creators

  • Jamie Wilkey, PharmD, creator of a 1 million dollar business is hosting guest office hours to chat about creating, growing newsletters, and building brands

  • Michelle Stephens, NP, PhD and co-founder of Oath Care, now in the process of shutting down, will be sharing her lessons learned on building a VC-backed company as a clinician

  • Creator accountability groups in action! The best comment this past week regarding the creator accountability small groups (shared in our Gratitude + wins space which is THE most active space) 👇️ 

Shout out to my accountability buddies! Aside from the great conversation, we have really helped each other get sh!t done! Truly one of the most helpful things I have done EVER.

Clinicians needing peer support and empowerment

  • Amazing book club reading The Algorithm Will See You Now co-hosted with author Jennifer Lycette, MD. It was a thoughtful session about how the book impacted us and her experience writing it.

  • Dana Strauss empowering us to uplevel our knowledge of VBC and innovative models of healthcare. Don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter, Timeless Autonomy [subscribe]

  • Our inaugural Grief Rounds. This was a non-recorded, small sharing circle between a few of us clinicians. It was not to debrief about the details of a medical case in the way that typical "rounds" might go, but rather to share a story of a time a patient deeply changed us. As clinicians, we encounter moments in which patients' lives change — end — yet many of us don't have an opportunity to share how it also changes us. So we carry it, bury it, alone.

    Sharing a story allows for connection to others in their own stories and to disperse the burden, sometimes even to release it and let go. The grief can be heavy, but the burden can be lighter this way.

    I can't exactly articulate how moved I was by this experience, just that I was profoundly moved by my colleagues, their stories, and the heart and care they have for their patients and each other. Healing happens in community and healthcare professionals surely need it. We’ll be conducting another Grief Rounds soon.

I have spent countless hours curating and cultivating it into what it is today and how it grows tomorrow — but the most important part is it’s not just me, it’s the incredible members who show up every day to build it with me. A community is nothing without the people who show up. I am so grateful for their support and for being on this journey with me. We > me.

Scroll through these testimonials to better understand the tangible and intangible value members have received from the community.

❗️ Given all of the above and feedback from members, the price is changing (for new members who join) to better reflect the value of the community. This is the last call to join at the current price point before it changes on 4/1. I hope to see you there.

Lastly, since launching the community, many people have reached out to me for guidance on launching their own clinical communities. I am not an expert here, but in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned (and am still learning!) in hopes it helps others. I hope you join in!

In humanity,


P.S. Check out fellow member Dr. Ruth Vo’s new newsletter sharing career stories from healthcare professionals. You’ll hear from many of the Humans in Healthcare members (a tangible benefit of the many connections made these past 3 months). Also, consider taking her Steam Ahead assessment which is a 10-minute interest profiling tool for health professionals to help realize possibilities within and beyond clinical practice.


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