Humans in Healthcare #43: Community pharmacist and creator

featuring Dr. Ahunna Freeman, PharmD

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I’m thrilled to feature Dr. Ahunna Freeman, PharmD and founder of Aligned Care, LLC and My Pharmacist.

Dr. Freeman is a Nigerian American who began her career in pharmacy as a community pharmacist in one of the big box retail pharmacy giants. There, she fell in love with problem-solving using her skills and expertise. In 2014, she quit corporate America, opened Southside Discount Pharmacy with her husband, and began the journey of pharmacy ownership, preceptorship, and entrepreneurship. She is the president of Aligned Care LLC, a healthcare company that endorses a team-based approach to patient care in community practices. Aligned Care LLC provides consulting services to pharmacists and other healthcare providers as well as preventive care services for medical practices.

Dr. Freeman is an established trusted pillar of support for health and wellness in her virtual and in-person communities. She is passionate about preventive care, clinical services in community pharmacies, patient education/health literacy, and pharmacist-provider collaborations that provide real patient care solutions in community practices.

She recently launched an on-demand pharmacotherapeutic confidence course to support early career prescribers confidently choosing the appropriate medication option for their specific patient with safety in mind. Please do check out the link above to read more about her services and incredible, action-packed, bite-sized courses!

Today, we’re doing something different for this newsletter and letting you listen to this insightful conversation between Dr. Freeman and myself.

Dr. Freeman shares:

  • How being an immigrant from Nigeria informed her career choices

  • How being on the lookout for problems to solve led her to launch Aligned Care and her other services

  • The mindset of an entrepreneur

  • How to balance building and creating with clinical practice

  • And more!

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